• Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
  • Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
  • Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
  • Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
  • Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes

Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes

Certification: ISO
Condition: New
Working Mode: Continuous
Installation: Vertical
Usage: Paper Machinery, Food Machinery, Mining, Drilling and Workover Rigs, Oilfield, Mari
Power Source: Pneumatic
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Henan, China
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
CB Size
3CB150 to 45CB500
Interchange with
USA Brand
Oilfield, Laundry, Paper, Marine, Textile, Leather
Warranty Year
18 Months
Delivery Time
in Stock
Working Pressure
0.75 Bar
Can Provide
Tariff Code
Transport Package
Plywood Case
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Pneumatic Clutch and Brakes 
Rubflex Air tube drum clutches brakes
   Air Tube Drum Clutch
Laundry Machine,Leather machine,Drilling and Workover Rigs, Mining, Oilfield(drilling rig gas and oil), Marine, Paper 

CB  clutches brakes type( Interchange with USA BRAND)
4CB200 Minus Side Connection 1 414361
90 Degree Elbow 1 142840JD
Side Connection 1 142840JB
6CB200 Minus SIde Connection 1 142095JA
Minus Side Connection for use in PCB 1 142095JC
Minus Side Connection 2 142095JH
Side Connection 1 142095JB
Side Connection 2 142095JG
Side Connection and High Coefficient Lining 1 142095JN
8CB250 Minus Side Connection 1 142096JA
Minus Side Connection for use in PCB 1 142096JC
Minus Side Connection 2 142096JH
Side Connection 1 142096JB
Side Connection 2 142096JG
Side Connection and High Coefficient Lining 1 145096JN
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142197JA
Minus Side Connection for use in  PCB 1 142197JC
Minus   Side  Connection 2 142197JH
Side   Connection 1 142197JB
10CB300 Side   Connection 2 142197JG
Side Connection and High   Coefficient  Lining 1 145097JN
Minus Side Connection High   Coefficient  Lining 1 145097JT
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142098JA
Minus Side Cnnection for use in  PCB 1 142098JC
Minus   Side  Connection 2 142098JH
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 2 142098KG
Quick Release Valve Dual  Flange 2 142098KF
Side   Connection 1 142098JB
12CB350 Side   Connection 2 142098JG
Side Connection and High   Coefficient  Lining 1 145098JN
Side Connection for FSPA   Mounting 2 142098JZ
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142087JA
Minus Side Connection for use in  PCB 1 142087JC
Minus   Side  Connection 2 142087JH
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 2 142087KG
14CB400 Side   Connection 1 142087JB
Side   COnnection 2 142087JG
Side Connection for FSPA   Mounting 2 142087JZ
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142211KY
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142211KS
Minus   Side  Connection 4 142211KZ
Side   Connection 1 142211KM
Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142211LH
Side   Connection 2 142211LB
Side   Connection 4 142211KP
Side   Connection for  FSPA  Mounting 4 142211LD
16CB500 Quick  Release  Valve 1 142211KN
Quick  Release  Valve 2 142211LK
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142264KR
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142264KY
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142264KS
Minus   Side  Connection 4 142264KZ
Side   Connection 1 142264KM
Side Connection Dual   Connection 1 142264LH
Side Connection Turned  Down  Flange 1 142264KX
Side   Connection 2 142264LB
Side  Connection 4 142264KP
18CB500 Quick  Release  Valve 1 142264KN
Quick  Release  Valve 2 142264LK
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142264KR
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142265KY
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142265KS
Minus   Side  Connection 4 142265KZ
Side   Connection 1 142665KM
Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142265LH
Side   Connection 2 142265LB
Side   Connection 4 142265KP
20CB500 Side Connection FSPA   Mounting 4 142265LD
Quick  Release  Valve 1 142265KN
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142265KR
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142266KY
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142266KS
Side   Connection 1 142266KM
Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142266LH
Side Connection Turned  Down  Flange 1 142266KX
Side   Connection 4 142266KP
22CB500 Quick  Release  Valve 1 142266KN
Quick  Release  Valve 2 142266LK
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142266KR
Minus   Side  Connection1 1 142267KY
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142267KS
Minus   Side  Connection 4 142267KZ
Side   Connection 1 142267KM
Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142267LH
Side   Connection 2 142267LB
Side  Connection 4 142267KP
24CB500 Minus Side Connection for  FSPA  Mounting 4 142267LD
Quick  Release  Valve 1 142267KN
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142267KR
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142268KY
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142268KS
Minus   Side  Connection1 4 142268KZ
Side  Connection 1 142268KM
Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142268LH
Side   Connection 2 142268LB
26CB525 Side   Connection 4 142268KP
Quick  Release  Valve 1 142268KN
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142268KR
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142269KY
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142269KS
Minus   Side  Connection 4 142269KZ
Side   Connection 1 142269KM
28CB525 Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142269LH
Side  Connection 2 142269LB
Side  Connection 4 142269KP
Side Connection for FSPA   Mounting 4 142269LD
Quick  Release  Valve 1 142269KN
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142269KR
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142270KY
Minus Side Connection Dural  Drilled 1 142270KS
Side   Connection 1 142270KM
Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142270LH
30CB525 Side   Connection 4 142270KP
Quick  Release  Valve 1 142270KN
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142270KR
Minus   Side  Connection 1 142271KY
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142271KS
Minus   Side  Connection 4 142271KZ
Side   Connection 1 142271KM
Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142271LH
Side   Connection 2 142271LB
32CB525 Side   Connection 4 142271KP
Quick  Release  Valve 1 142271KN
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142271KR
36CB525 Minus   SIde  Connection 1 142272KY
Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142272KS
Side   Connection 1 142272KM
Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142272LH
Side   Connection 4 142272KP
Quick  Release  Valve 1 142272KN
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142272KR
40CB525 Minus   Side  Connection 1 142273KY
Minus Side Connection Dural  Drilled 1 142273KS
Side   Connection 1 142273KM
Side Connection Dual  Drilled 1 142273LH
Side   Connection 2 142273LB
Side   Connection 4 142273KP
Quick  Release  Valve 1 142273KN
Quick  Release  Valve 4 142273KR
45CB525 Minus   Side  Connection 2 142081LX
  Minus Side Connection Dual  Drilled 2 142081MT
  Side   Connection 1 142081KM
  Side   Connection 2 142081LB

Dual element part number:
Model Description Part number
12CB350 two side connection 142173DA
14CB400 two side connection 142604DA
16CB500 two side connection 142432DA
  two quick release valves 142432DD
18CB500 two side connection 142433DA
  two quick release valves 142433DD
20CB500 two side connection 142434DD
  two quick release valves 142434DD
22CB500 two side connection 142435DA
  two quick release valves 142435DD
24CB500 two side connection 142436DA
  two quick release valves 142436DD
26CB525 two side connection 142437DA
  two quick release valves 142437DD
28CB525 two side connection 142438DA
  two quick release valves 142438DD
30CB525 two side connection 142439DA
  two quick release valves 142439DD
32CB525 two side connection 142440DA
  two quick release valves 142440DD
36CB525 two side connection 142441DA
  two quick release valves 142441DD
40CB525 two side connection 142442DA
  two quick release valves 142442DD
45CB525 two side connection 142442DK
  two quick release valves 142442DL

Pics Show: 
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes

Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
Delivery Reocrd:
32CB525 deliver to Malaysia
Dual element part number

12CB350  142173DA
14CB400 142604DA
16CB500  142432DA/ 142432DD
18CB500 142433DA/142433DD
20CB500 142434DD/142434DD
22CB500 142435DA/142435DD
24CB500 142436DA/142436DD
26CB525 142437DA/142437DD
28CB525 142438DA/142438DD
30CB525 142439DA/142439DD
32CB525 142440DA/142440DD
36CB525 142441DA/142441DD
40CB525 142442DA/142442DD
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes
Founded in 1975, Henan Dalin Rubber and Telecommunications Apparatus Co.,Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing for pneumatic clutches & brakes. CB clutch and VC clutch are interchangeable with USA BRAND.
Our company successively acquired National High and New Technology Enterprise Authentication, passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality System Authentication, We are level A network supplier of China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation and China National Offshore Oil Corporation, meantime, we also have a long-term cooperation with USA, UK, Russia, etc. 
Rubflex Air Tube Drum Clutches Brakes

Other VC Clutches brakes type( Interchange with usa brand)
14VC1000  142838HA/142838HP
16VC1000  142821HA/142821HJ/142821HM/142821HP/142821HN/142821HC/142821HE
20VC1000  142832HA/142832HJ/142832HM/142832HP/142832HN/142832HC/142832HE
24VC1000  142675HA/142675HP/142675HC/142675HJ/142675HM/142675HE/142675HN
28VC1000  142674HA/142674HP/142674HC/142673HJ/142674HM/142674HE/142674HN
32VC1000  142673HA/142673HP/142673HC/142673HJ/142673HM/142673HE/142673HN
38VC1200  142739HA/142739HP/142739HC/142739HJ/142739HM/142739HE/142739HN
42VC1200  142677HA/142677HP/142677HC/142677HJ/142677HM/142677HE/142677HN
46VC1200  142671HA/142671HP/142671HC/142671HJ/142671HM/142671HE/142671HN
52VC1200  142841HA/142841HP/142841HC/142841HJ/142841HM/142841HE/142841HN
51VC1600  142835HA/142835HP/142835HC
60VC1600  142915MB/142915MA/142915HC/142915HN/142915HE
66VC1600  142097HA/142097HC
76VC1600  146985HH
11.5VC500 142639HA/ 142639HJ/142639HP
14VC500   143829HA/143829HJ/143829HM/143829HP/143829HN/143829HC/143829HE
16VC600   142640HA/142640HJ142640HM/142640HP/142640HN/142640HC/142640HE
20VC600   142641HA/142641HJ/142641HM/142641HP/142641HN/142641HC/142641HE
24VC650   142642HA/142642HJ/142642HM/142642HP/142642HN/142642HC/142642HE
28VC650   142643HA/142643HJ/142643HM/142643HP/142643HN/142643HC/142643HE
33VC650   142644HA/142644HJ/142644HM/142644HP/142644HN/142644HC/142644HE
37VC650   142645HA/142645HJ/142645HM/142645HP/142645HN/142645HC/142645HE
42VC650   142647HA/142647HJ/142645HM/142647HP/142645HN/142647HC/142647HE
11.5VC500  dule element 142112C          14VC500    dule element 143114C  
16VC600     dule element 142115C           20VC600    dule element 142116C
24VC650     dule element 142117C           28VC650    dule element 142118C
33VC650     dule element 142119C           37VC650    dule element 142120C
42VC650     dule element 142121C          16VC1000   dule element 142122C
20VC1000   dule element 142123C         24VC1000   dule element 142124C
28VC1000   dule element 142125C         32VC1000   dule element 142126C
38VC1200   dule element 142127C         42VC1200   dule element 142128C
46VC1200   dule element 142129C         52VC1200   dule element 142131C
51VC1600   dule element 142130C         60VC1600   dule element 142198C
66VC1600   dule element 146509P         76VC1600   dule element 146531P



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